Girl (9) Demands Sex From Juvenile At Knife Point


A nine-year-old girl from Glendale allegedly forced her colleague, an eleven-year-old boy to have sexual intercourse with her whilst holding a knife, it has emerged.

This reportedly happened several times until the boy could not take it anymore, thereby reporting the matter to his class teacher.

The shocking narrative is contained in a police memorandum seen by Nhau/Indaba, which states that the girl is a grade three pupil while the boy is in grade five at a school located in the area.

It is alleged that sometime in May this year, the girl asked the juvenile to accompany her home.

Along the way after reaching Nyamasanga Bridge, the girl asked the complainant to further escort her to a nearby bush under the pretext that she wanted to collect some wild fruits.

After reaching a secluded place the minor told her escort that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him, of which he refused.

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