I Will Expose Church Business-Black Elisha

Prophet Mduduzi Dube Black Elisha
Prophet Mduduzi Dube aka Black Elisha


CONTROVERSIAL Bulawayo based prophet Mduduzi Dube has once again returned with a new initiative where he is set to tackle the church business exposure.

Having rose to limelight through other controversial religious tactics like the now popular Spiritual Padlock, the young prophet is stopping at nothing to achieve his mission on the cut throat religious front.

 The Spiritual Padlock initiative has for the better part of the just ended year saw an influx of people flooding his Mpopoma house to seek devine intervention on their cheating spouses and partners. Well it has gone not without dramas while also attracting mixed feelings from different societal sectors.

With 2021 having already begun with a Coronavirus induced national lockdown, the Black Elisha seem unpeturbed as he has launched another concept.

On January 22, Dube will be exposing what he called church business. This however might come as another controversial chapter of the prophet’s religious journey as he has on numerous occasions threatened to expose religious leaders who are into adultery and fornication business, in the process setting himself on a war path with fellow clerics.

While some have dismissed him as fake, he has stood his ground, rather declaring his nemesis as lacking “biblical counseling and intelligence”

Asked to explain his new concept, Dube said: “It’s a new year and it’s time for new things. We can’t live in the past we need to move forward with the church business.”

He added: “I know many might think that my upcoming virtual conference dubbed Exposing Church Business means that I am targeting churches and it’s leaders, that’s not the case, here I mean, as the year kicks off we want to work on a church business as we praise and worship. We want to win souls.”

Dube who leads the Christ Life Generation Church caught the ire of many recently during his New Year cross over ceremony dubbed Diplomatic Service where he warned of taking small houses head on.

During the service that was held online, Dube declared war on small houses which he accused of destroying many marriages in the country.

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