Marambire Conferred With Three Doctorates in Two Weeks

Dr Banabasi Marambira
Dr Banabasi Marambira


RENOWNED businessman, Banabasi Marambire has been conferred with three honorary doctorates in a space of two weeks in recognition of his philanthropic work in Masvingo and its hinterland.

A former herd boy now a successful businessman with more than five enterprise’s, has been blessed to take some of his profits to the under privileged.

“I am passionate about helping the less privileged and those in need. I am a Christian and I believe in love, unity and compassion,” Marambire says.

His insatiable passion for helping has seen him being recognised by various renowned institutions in form of honorary degrees, in a space of two weeks.

The first was the Honorary of Humane Letters Degree, (DHL), from the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP), in partnership with the International Women’s University.

 The second being an Honorary Doctorate of Business Leadership (BL) from the International Women’s University with the last one being an Honorary Doctorate of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership Degree (EBL) from the International University of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership.

 Orphaned at a young age, Dr. Marambire has become one of the decorated Zimbabwean businessmen with one of the biggest companies in the country.

 In an interview this week Dr. Marambire said: “My entrepreneurship journey started in 2005 when I registered my first company, but even in Primary School I was known for selling various goods to my schoolmates.

“I have a few companies that are running successfully. Barmlo Investments where we specialize in Hardware Materials Supply and Brick moulding, window frames manufacturing, and air vents manufacturing. Maineck Holdings specializes in solar energy products and food processing. I am also a co-owner of Great Dyke AB Academy private School.”

 Dr. Marambire, who is also the author of the book titled The Head Boy has proven that where you come from does not define where you are going in the future.

“I can only say I see the hand of God at work. This is purely God’s work, from being a struggling orphan, herd boy, a worker in the construction industry, to becoming an author, CEO and now a Dr,” he added. 

Despite the economy’s turbulence, Dr. Marambire believes every problem provides great opportunities.

“It is the heart and soul of entrepreneurs not to complain and whine about the problem but to find solutions and create businesses out of it.”

 “My advice to someone who looks up to me is that nothing comes easy, behind all these achievements, there is a lot of hard work, persistence and determination.

“Whatever you do, don’t fake it. Be the real you and understand your purpose. Success is your responsibility, never wait and hope that someone will come to your rescue. After I lost my parents, life wasn’t the same. I worked in farms and even in the construction industry. I did all the hard jobs in order to raise money to start my business. So don’t feel discouraged. Participate in the process of your progress. It is your responsibility

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