Byo’s Own Delah Dube Lights up Rwanda

Thabani H.Moyo
Thabani H.Moyo

Arts views with Thabani H Moyo

SHE lit ALU Ikaze with her poetic skills. She mesmerized those who followed the event streamed live on African Leadership Facebook page. Everything about her was very artistic. Her dressing was on point. One would have thought she was from one of the most advanced backgrounds, the United States of America maybe. But no, Prudence Delah Dube is a Bulawayo girl who completed her ‘A’ levels in 2019 at Eveline High School.

Her performance was during the ceremony to welcome the first years from all over Africa at ALU in Kigali Rwanda. Delah Dube took the opportunity to showcase her talent and those who watched acknowledged and celebrated her poetic prowess. Africa Leadership University boasts of a range of arts and culture events, organisations and affiliations. It is a society that grooms and challenges young artists like Delah.

Delah is a young artist who is set for greatness. She is a multi-talented artist. Delah is a poet, theatre and film actress, musician and an artivist all in one. She is one cryptic individual who might be hard to comprehend. When asked about what inspires her she responded with poem ‘multi-universe and their reflective faces, their sense of humor for laughter is the language of light, and light keeps mind over matter…’

Delah is not at Africa Leadership University in Kigali Rwanda to pursue a degree in Arts and Culture, but she is there to study a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Trade and Leadership Core. One would have thought that one so talented in the arts would pursue a course related to the arts. However Delah is determined to juggle her academic work with her creative work. “One of my biggest challenges is balancing the two. I will have to manage my time well. Plan and even seek advice from other successful people, it helps. I will have to work according to a schedule,” she says.

Delah fell in love with the arts when she was studying her ‘A’ levels at Eveline High School. She was part of Eveline Drama Club in 2018 and 2019. During her stay at Eveline she found herself active in the Arts as she had to participate in various platforms that included Intwasa Arts Festival where she was involved in the outreach programs. She also became part of Naughty By Nature team where she worked side by side with Gift Chakuvinga. Delah has found herself performing in many platforms like SHE Decides Zimbabwe, Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD), Do it for Kids, Being Human, Bulawayo Arts Festival, Lit-Fest Harare, Mhlekazi International Poetry and Women, Wine and Words at Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo. Delah has also performed regionally in Botswana and in South Africa.  From the platforms that she has been it is clear that the young lady is greatly talented and goes for opportunities.

Speaking about her experience in Rwanda this far, Delah says “My experience in Rwanda has been a breath of fresh air. Kigali is also known as the land of a thousand hills and I have a stellar view of most the city from my rooftop. I rarely hear people speak in English. Here Kinya Rwanda and French are the main languages of communication, sometimes Swahili. I am humbled to be in a place where I do not have the linguistic advantage. I am becoming more aware of the things people are not saying.” 

About her future goals Delah says, “I want to become the bridge between Eastern and Southern Africa, connecting our art, culture and economic activities. There is so much we can learn from each other, and build together.”

She wishes to drive expensive cars, travel the world and establish successful art and economic hubs. She wants to positively impact the lives of young people and give back to her communities and people who have and continue to help her.

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