Queen Lozikeyi’s Life Captured On Camera

Queen Lozikeyis life captured on camera.

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean founder of Becky Casting Agency, Bekezela Dube “Becky” said they were working on the production of a film that would portray the contribution of Lozikeyi Dlodlo, Queen of Ndebeles in the Anglo-Ndebele war.

Queen Lozikeyi was one of King Lobengula’s favourite wives and was portrayed as beautiful, powerful and strong.

She is said to have played an important role in the Anglo-Matabele war of 1896 when she was in charge of the king’s army.

Queen Lozikeyi is said to have ensured that the army had enough ammunition ahead of the 1896 war by using the weaponry her husband did not use in the first Anglo-Matabele war of 1893.

Becky, in a statement, said the film, to be produced based on the book on Queen Lozikeyi, aimed to preserve the history of Ndebeles and keep Queen Lozikeyi’s legacy alive.

“For the first time as an arts organisation we will be producing a feature film to honour the queen of Ndebele tribe and this production will be shot next year as the script writing is in progress,” she said.

“The film, that will be directed by Bruce Karima and assistant script writer Zanele Mel Dube, will be shot at locations around Zimbabwe, particularly in Matabeleland South province. It seeks to showcase a powerful and majestic woman whose story cannot be forgotten.”

Becky said auditions for the film, that will be the first to portray women as powerful creatures, will be held in the coming months in Bulawayo after the completion of the script.

“Such productions will become the first visual act that will portray the life of a woman regarded as one of the most powerful in the history of the country,” she said

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