Spiritual Spear Saves Business From Collapse

Prophet Mduduzi Dube Black Elisha
Prophet Mduduzi Dube aka Black Elisha


CONTROVERSIAL Bulawayo based prophet Mduduzi Dube better known as Black Elisha has sensationally claimed to have scored another major goal after successfully used his new medium, the spiritual spear to save the collapsing business entity of a local popular business woman.

The new divine intervention tactic by the Mpopoma based young man of cloth, comes hot on the heels of another controversial tactic, the Spiritual Padlock which he used to lock cheating partners and spouses, a development that attracted mixed feelings across the religious circles and the society at large.

In the latest development, it’s clear the youthful clergy is not stopping at nothing in his controversial religious journey.

This week, The Zambezi Times managed to track down a popular Bulawayo businesswoman who has interests in mining who also admitted having consulted the young prophet.

“My business hasn’t been doing well lately so when I read in a local newspaper of the prophet’s ability, I then decided to give it a try. This is despite the fact that I had sought some divine intervention from two other different prophets and nothing appeared to work. All I can say is I am happy, I can’t say much,” said as she declined being identified.

Contacted for comment, the Christ Life Generation Church founder said he was not privileged to discuss private matters of his clients with the media.

“It is part of my policy that I don’t disclose private issues of my church, but all I can say is the spiritual spear and the padlock have really helped many people who have faith in the interventions,” he said.

“The spear is spiritual, life is spiritual and the battles that people fight are not earthly but spiritual ones. We have had the padlock where we locked out misfortunes out of people’s lives and also unlocked breath through, now we have the spiritual spear. A spear is a fighting tool and we are fighting against everything bad that comes into people’s homes, businesses, and also bestowing power. In brief, the Spiritual Spear is for Power, Fighting and Protection,” Black Elisha said.

He added: “This spear has also been working to give power to businesspeople as well as spiritual leaders. The spear has been fighting people’s battles in the spiritual realm. Own the spear in your house and be protected. However, this doesn’t mean that we are abandoning the padlock, it’s still in play and very powerful. Biblically and traditionally a spear was used for hunting and fighting enemies hence we have to use it to fight spiritual battles,” he said.

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